RF and microwave microelectronics packaging II / دانلود فایل

مشخصات کلی RF and microwave microelectronics packaging II

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Ken Kuang; Rick Sturdivantدرخواست کتاب اورجینال

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Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017.خرید و فروش فایل

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 eBook : Document : English فروش فایل تخصصی

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Microelectronic packaging.       TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Mechanical      

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تمام نویسندگان / همکاران: Ken Kuang; Rick Sturdivant Find more information about: Ken Kuang Rick Sturdivant

شناسه شابک ISBN:9783319516974 3319516973

شناسه OCLC:978270935

یادداشت:Includes index.

جزئیات Description:1 online resource (xii, 172 pages) : illustrations (some color)

فهرست محتوا:Dedication; Foreword; Foreword; فهرست محتوا; Chapter 1: Introduction to Radio Frequency and Microwave Microelectronic Packaging; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Frequency Bands; 1.3 Distributed Effects; 1.4 Transmission Lines; 1.5 Commonly Used Transmission Lines; 1.6 Dispersion in Transmission Lines; 1.7 Dielectric and Substrate Materials; 1.8 Skin Depth; 1.9 Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Conductivity, and Thermal Expansion; 1.10 Chapter Conclusions; References; Chapter 2: Packaging of Transmit/Receive Modules; 2.1 Introduction to Packaging of Transmit/Receive Modules 2.1.1 Active Electronically Scanned Arrays2.1.2 T/R Module Block Diagram; 2.2 Systems Using T/R Modules; 2.3 T/R Modules in Communication Systems; 2.3.1 Cellular Base Stations; 2.3.2 Wi-Fi Indoor Location Systems Using Phased Arrays; 2.3.3 60 GHz Wi-Fi; 2.3.4 Millimeter-Wave Point-to-Point Systems; 2.4 T/R Modules in Phased Array Radar; 2.4.1 Brick Array; 2.4.2 Tile Array; 2.4.3 Panel Array; 2.5 Thermal Packaging Challenges; 2.6 Wafer Level T/R Module Packaging; 2.7 Conclusions; References; Chapter 3: 3D Transitions and Connections; 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Vertical Transitions Between Planar Transmission Lines3.2.1 Microstrip or Coplanar Waveguide to Stripline; 3.2.2 Top Side Microstrip to Bottom Side Microstrip; 3.2.3 Microstrip to Waveguide Transition; 3.3 Through Silicon Via 3D Transitions; 3.4 Vertical Transitions Using Connectors; 3.5 Vertical Transition Using Flip Chip; 3.6 Conclusions; References; Chapter 4: Electromagnetic Shielding for RF and Microwave Packages; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Electromagnetic Radiation; 4.2.1 The Source of Radiation; 4.2.2 How an Antenna Radiates Electric and Magnetic Fields 4.2.3 Theoretical View of Radiation4.2.4 Electromagnetic Simulation and Computational Method; The Finite Element Method; Method of Moments; Finite-Difference Time-Domain; Finite-Differences Frequency-Domain ; 4.3 Shielding Techniques and Methods; 4.3.1 Metal Caps; 4.3.2 Plating; 4.3.3 Spray Coating; 4.3.4 Sputtering; 4.4 Shielding Performance of Thin-layer Conformal Shielding; 4.4.1 Shielding Performance Measurement Methods; 4.4.2 Test Vehicles; 4.4.3 Shielding Effectiveness; 4.4.4 Far-field Shielding Performance Measurements 4.4.5 Near-field Shielding Performance Measurements4.5 Summary; References; Chapter 5: Design of C-Band Interdigital Filter and Compact C-Band Hairpin Bandpass Film Filter on Thin Film Substrate; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Microstrip Filter; 5.3 Design of the Interdigital Filter; 5.3.1 Structure of the Filter; 5.3.2 The Simulation Analysis; 5.3.3 The Test Results; 5.4 Design of the Hairpin Filter; 5.4.1 Structure of the Filter; 5.4.2 The Simulation Analysis; 5.4.3 The Test Results; 5.5 Conclusion; References

مسئوليت Responsibility:Ken Kuang, Rick Sturdivant, editors.